NEW WEBSITE Please go and have a look at our website here: Or our page here:Matthews Smiles WHO ARE GAUDY ORDE? We’re a lively new band from South Wales, playing original, dancy, quirky, music that is fun and not too serious. It’s a bit skiffly, a bit vaudeville, and remarkably entertaining! The band is fronted by Adam Schanz on vocals, ukulele and kick box.
He also writes a lot of our songs and claims to be vegetarian. Then there’s Barry Sidings who plays a rhythmic bouzouki, and he sings and bangs things. Romany Bob on washboard, specially tuned thimbles and clarinet and he sings, bangs and rattles things as well.
And Helen Spoons, our new Projectionist and Spoons Player who also bangs things. The band is occasionally joined by dancing artiste, Michael Klaxon and The Chimpanzee In A Plastic Mac.

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